Shifting our Focus

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A woman focusing on a computer

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From Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker

When you choose your pond wisely, you can best leverage your type, your signature strengths, and your context to create tremendous value. This is what makes for a great career, but such self-knowledge can create value wherever you choose to apply it

One needs to stop focusing on our weaknesses. This will make our internal monologue to emerge only negative thoughts and it’s easy to lose motivation and is not a surprise when we become burn-out without being very productive. Is not that we need only positive thoughts, is mainly that we need a balance between positive and negative.

But how do we find our strengths? It starts with shifting our focus away from our weaknesses and towards what we excel at. So take some time today to reflect on your strengths. What makes you stand out? What do others come to you for help with? By focusing on what we’re good at, we can swim in the right pond and make ourselves more happy and content.

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