Last tended on 11 September 2021 02:36 PM, about 1 min reading time

What I am doing now:

  • Working as Scrum Master.
  • Resume the Qualification Agility & Innovation Advancer.
  • Learning JavaScript (slowly).
  • Tweaking the blog theme and learning 11ty.
  • Learning Spanish.
  • Reading
    • Atomic Habits
    • Why Buddhism is True
    • The Energy Plan: Eat Smart, Feel Strong, Perform at Your Peak"
  • Living in a wonderful place in South of Spain.
  • Using Obsidian
  • Playing and walking with Torr, my border collie.


  • Moved my blog from Hugo to Eleventy
  • Read How to Bake a Perfect Life
  • Read Zen The Art of Simple Living

Inspired by Derek Sivers