Discipline - is this all we need

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Discipline - is this all we need?


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While I was browsing on the internet, I found this phrase:

“Like anything in life, discipline allows you to fulfill your goals and get things done. Discipline of mind and body. Discipline in work and family. Discipline in faith and wellness. Distractions and competing priorities that don’t align with your life’s vision and values must go”.

Quote from Brent Gleeson

Is discipline all we need? In my case, being all the time disciplined lead me to burnout, stress, or a lack of creativity. Sometimes we need distractions, I know everybody blames distractions 😜
Sometimes, distractions provide some well-deserved breaks which are good for our brains.
Sometimes unexpected breaks can lead us to new perspectives which enrich us.

So, yea, I agree we need discipline and routine, but equally, we need breaks and distractions.