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Omnivore has improved the way I consume content, making it an indispensable tool in my daily routine. And is free, open-source, distraction-free and privacy focused as the team describe it.

Omnivore view

So what is Omnivore? Omnivore is primarily a read-later application, but it offers so much more than that. Let’s start.

Capture content

I am thrilled to have most of my readings in the same app and not in my email app.

  • Add links to read it later - There is a nice integration in Android and an extension for desktop Chrome and Edge ( I haven’t checked other browsers).You can also add tags.

  • Omnivore allows you to subscribe to newsletters directly within the app, keeping everything organized and accessible in one place.

  • Feeds! This was a big surprise, I stumbled upon this feature a few days ago and completely blew me away. For me, it is currently one of the most exciting features and is the reason for the review. As a Feedly user, I often encountered difficulties when trying to highlight specific content. The mess struck when I wanted to highlight something, so I had to open the original link and save it to Omnivore. Believe me, it’s not something to long for. However, The Omnivore’s feed feature solves this problem elegantly as users can save and highlight content directly within the app itself.

  • PDF support

  • Creating articles in your library


Such an enjoyable experience. You can choose which mode you want, light to dark using the toggle under your profile, giving a comfortable experience in any lighting condition Additionally, you can personalize the reading layout as a card view or a magazine view. You can adjust the font size, margins and line spacing. Very handy when I forget my glasses 😜. Omnivore truly understands the importance of customization!

Annotation and integration

You can highlight, add your personal notes and export them to Obsidian or Logseq. On the desktop version, you can even choose different colours for highlights. There is an Omnivore plugin for this which works like a charm and the template can be modified on your needs.

Other integrations: Logseq, Pocket, Webhooks, Readwise.

For developers or enthusiasts who want to explore further possibilities with Omnivore, an API is available for seamless integration into personal projects or other applications.


The app keeps track of your reading progress and you can start reading an article on one device and finish on a different one. It shows the percentage of readings, but from my experience, it does not get it right all the time.

Check it out

If you’re someone who values organisation and efficiency in managing digital content consumption without spending a lot, then I highly recommend giving Omnivore a try.
This app is essential for tech enthusiasts like me, because it seamlessly integrates links, manages newsletters, supports beta feeds and PDFs, and provides a personalised reading experience.

Don’t just take my word for it—explore the app’s documentation at to learn more about it.

Happy reading!

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