My productivity stack in 2023


I managed to reduce the number of apps I used. In the last two years, I have moved the tasks from Quire and the goals, the weekly reviews from OneNote to Obsidian.

I believe there are many benefits of having the projects, the tasks and the notes in one app. It helps me focus as I don’t have to switch between apps and be distracted in the meantime. Is easier now to find something and link ideas and so on.
What also brings me, and I believe is the most important, I have now a habit of writing daily notes. On some days I add more details, on some days very few details. Also, I am still mostly a consumer of the content and less of a creator, but I am confident I will get to an equilibrium one day.

My main app for all of this is Obsidian. I have templates for Daily Notes, weekly notes, the notes I capture and the notes I am writing.
I am using a folder system with one folder for each area I am interested in. Moreover, I have one folder for my projects with subfolders.

Obsidian plugins I used (apart from the core ones) in alphabetical order:

  • Calendar
  • Dataview
  • Emoji Toolbar
  • Excalidraw
  • Kindle Highlights
  • Linter
  • Reading time
  • Tasks
  • Tracker
  • Tressel Sync for Obsidian
  • Various Complements

Apart from the above ones, I have ExcaliBrain, Kanban and Language Tool integration installed but not used yet. I am also using MarkDownload Chrome and Edge extensions to add articles in Obsidian. I like I can configure my yaml template there.

  • Email - Gmail
  • Code Editor - VS Code
  • Feedly - for reading blogs, websites
  • Snip and Sketch - for print-screens
  • Omnivore - a new addition this year for read-later and highlights. I mainly added it to avoid tons of tabs with articles on different computers. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot of tabs on different devices, is a work in progress.
  • Goodreads - for book-lists
  • OneDrive - to keep the Obsidian Notes. I chose it to access Obsidian on my mobile and my work computer.
  • OneSync - to sync the OneDrive on mobile
  • Reading - Kindle
  • Meditation - Headspace
  • Water tracking - Water reminder by vgfit
  • Gym - Strong
  • Sports results - SofaScore
  • Language Learning - DuoLingo and Memrise
  • Dailio - this was from some years, my productivity app and I still keep it as I love it. And yeah, I know it is an app to track moods, but I set it up as a productivity app.