Download Kindle highlights


An image with a kindle, a book in the centre

While I love my Kindle, it is painful to have the notes and highlights exports downloaded from it.

The way I exported the highlights in the past was:

That was going smoothly, but the issue was with the books not bought from Amazon, as those don’t appear on the
Those notes and highlights are recorded in My Clipping.txt file, but are hard to export as they are saved chronologically and not by the book.

Luckily I found out about Fyodor script on
As is explained on the Readme file "This application parses My Clippings.txt from your Kindle and generates a markdown file for each book/document, in the format #{Author} - #{Title}.md. This way, your annotations are conveniently stored and easily managed. "
The script is working like a charm using the steps described on Readme.
And now I can have all my notes and highlights on my own computer and not only on Amazon.