Start from scratch

Last tended on 13 June 2022 12:00 AM, about 1 min reading time
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Start from scratch

From Jurgen Appelo newsletter: Start Over, Start Better sent on 8 Jun 2022, 12:03:

"Starting from scratch is exciting. There's nothing more delightful than greenfield development, a freshly made bed, a new job without screwups, or an empty notebook with crispy white pages. Blank slates are beautiful. They are like getting a free get-out-of-jail card with all your sins forgiven. Who does not feel motivated driving in a well-cleaned car or sitting in a redecorated living room? Hey, it's still spring. The best time of the year to pick something you're not happy with. And start over. Start better."

It's true the starting over is still exciting, but if we aren't change something the results will be the same as usual. You don't necessarily need a new start, but you just need to change something to have different results.

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