Can Innovation Be Learn

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Learn innovation

I have read in last period that innovation is a skill that anybody can learn.  Is this really the case? In theory, this might be true, but in practice is not always the case.

Let’s examine the five core values of innovation:

  1. Curiosity and a natural ability to question the status pro
  2. Risk-taking and a willingness to learn from failure
  3. Openness
  4. Patience, tenacity and the sense of giving the idea a chance to grow
  5. Trust

Now can curiosity be taught? Not really, curiosity can be cultivated and nurtured in an organization, but you’ll need curious people with an open mind.   
And yes, risk-taking. Are people ready to accept risks? How about companies, how much risk is healthy and how much can disrupt them? Yes, I know, is an entire chapter.
I agree with the affirmation:

“Innovation is a discipline or competency which must be developed”.

I would add that business leader have to learn to use innovation and to imagine a different future. As an example, probably a classic example, the IBM team invented the mouse, but IBM leaders didn’t imagine the future of it.