Book review - Making Work Visible

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I read this book back in 2017 and the book notes surface today in my Obsidian PKM, so I decided to write a review.
What I appreciate in this book is the practical advise. Making Work Visible highlighted many of the problems teams are dealing with on a day to day work. It gives ideas for identifying and fixing problems, limiting distractions, managing workflow, and always trying to improve. The book also has tips for better communication and using Kanban.

The book covers 5 themes:

1. Spot the five thieves that steal your time
3. Expose the time thieves to make work visible and optimise workflow.
4. Metrics and feedback.
5. Practices can get you into trouble.
6. Influence leadership decisions.

My takeaway from this book:
- Small teams because they can move fast, but moving fast as an individual team, you may pay the price of not moving quick as a whole organization.
- Unplanned work not only causes its own problems but brings with it all the problems of too much work in progress: context switching, interruptions, delayed work, and increased cost.
- Conflicting priorities that compete for the same people and resources block flow and increase partially completed work.
- This is so true especially when the product owner plans into a sprint just bits from different features hoping that will deliver faster multiple features at once, which most of the time is just causing delays.